Glass Impressions takes pride in offering the finest quality ornamental glass products to discerning customers.

You may wish to welcome guests into your home with a beautifully etched and carved front entrance, or enhance the
beauty of your home's interior with a carved glass dining room or coffee table.

Maybe you want to create a focal point in your guest bathroom with a stylish glass sink, or add a touch of sophisticated privacy by having us design an etched glass shower door.
If you already have the setting you enjoy, you could modernize or intensify interest by adding color or texture, or a unique sculpture to accent your favorite room.

Perhaps you are an aspiring restaurateur and want your patrons to rave about the decor as much as the food. Or you may want a first class presentation of your logo at the entrance to your business.

If glass is the medium you wish to use to enhance the atmosphere in your home or business, we would be happy to work with
you to create a piece of functional or ornamental art that will fulfill your needs.

Please use the menus at the top of the page to navigate through our site and see the variety of projects we have worked on.  Our potential is limited only by the vision of our combined imaginations.




6518 Schaeffer Farm Road Waxhaw NC 28173
Phone and Fax 704-843-4451 E-Mail

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